Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Study Of The US Sex Industry

A new study entitled "Estimating the Size and Structure of the Underground Commercial Sex Economy in Eight Major US Cities" investigated the sex trade in eight big American cities has been published. A detailed investigation into the industry in Miami, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, and Seattle found that Hispanic prostitutes and pimps are a growing part of the sex trade. 

Aside from brothels, the human sex trade in large American cities also includes internet-based trafficking and erotic massage parlors in addition to street-based prostitution. Street-based prostitution, which has the lowest prices, was found to be in decline as girls increasingly ply their trade in strip clubs and massage parlors or the internet, which are all safer compared to the streets. 

However, the study also found that the overall national demand for sex work has decreased, and that prostitution is no longer so common and as well paid.

Prostitution under Thailand criminal law is illegal – section 286 of the Penal Code states: “Any person, being over sixteen years of age, subsists on the earning of a prostitute, even if it is some part of her incomes, shall be punished with imprisonment of seven to twenty years and fined of fourteen thousand to forty thousand Baht, or imprisonment for life.” 

Read the full study here

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