Monday, April 21, 2014

Cannabis Use in Thailand

Cannabis, also known as marijuana and ganja in Thailand is arguably the most controversial plant in history. Most government and police organizations, view it is a dangerous substance and its users are criminals. To others, the plant is considered to be anything from a fairly benign recreational substance to a miracle plant with a countless medicinal and industrial uses. 

Eric Blair writing for for thailawforum has published an engaging article on the history of cannabis in Thailand.

A little known fact is that Cannabis has historically been used in Southeast Asia as: an ingredient, a condiment in foods, a medicine, and a source of fiber. The most well known historical example of Cannabis being used as a spice in Thailand is the famous boat noodle soup, although using Cannabis as a coking ingredient has long since been outlawed in Thailand. 

 Despite Cannabis being illegal since 1937, many tourist and counter-culture hotspots of Thailand have a large drug tourism scene. Chaninat & Leeds criminal attorney, Phiriya Weerasawadi warns just because a destination is well-known for marijuana does not mean you won’t get arrested for using. The majority of drug arrest cases come from tourist areas such as Khao San Road and Koh Phangan”.

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