Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chinese Tourists Behaving Badly In Thailand

NBC News reports that one of Thailand’s most respected universities is coming under siege from Chinese tourists thanks to a recently released Chinese movie, Lost in Thailand, a comedy film which was partially filmed on the Chiang Mai University campus. The film is believed to be China's highest-grossing homegrown movie ever.

Thousands of Chinese tourists have climbed aboard student buses at Chiang Mai University, caused chaos in cafeterias and slipped into classes to attend lectures. Chiang Mai University has now been forced to ban individual visitors, and construct a sign in prominent Chinese characters requesting that passports be produced.

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Thai social media bemoaned the Chinese tourists for spitting, littering, cutting into lines, flouting traffic laws and allowing their children to relieve themselves in public pools. As a result of complaints by the tourist board in Thailand, the Chinese government has been forced to issue guidance on how their citizens should behave when visiting other countries.

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