Thursday, February 22, 2018

Medical Board in Pakistan will no Longer Determine the Gender of Trans People

Pakistan improves the rights for LGBT people in a series of amendments to the “
Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Bill 2017. The amendments include that Tran’s people no longer have to face a medical board when determining their gender.

Chair of the Senate on Human Rights in Pakistan explains how getting the approval of a medical board subjects the Trans person to emotional stress as the process is embarrassing, attacks their self esteem and they sometimes face harassment.

Tran’s people will now be identified as those who express their identity differently from expectations based on the sex they were assigned at birth. However, there is still a strong social stigma when it comes to attitudes towards Trans people, they still face attacks in their communities.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Indonesia to Ban Extramarital and Gay Sex

Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim population considers adultery to be a serious crime. The Draft of the legislation will rule out not only extramarital sex but same-sex activities and co-habitation.

A conservative group behind the push for the new legislation, Family Love Alliance, comments that the draft is merely a reflection of current values of the “majority … of all cultures in Indonesia”.

Parliament has been holding public conferences, taking the opinions of the public, legal experts, scholars on the topic of extramarital sex. Most political parties have been reported as for the changes that will ban same sex relations. Few politicians have spoken out against the draft for fear of losing the vote of the conservative majority.

Activists argue that the new legislation would cause a disruption with social development and make it hard to police without violating privacy.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Child Abduction Act in Convention with the Hague Treaty on Child Abduction

Thailand lawmakers in 2013 took on many of the provisions from the international treaty, the Hague Convention on Child Abduction Law in Thailand. The domestic law, now known as the Thailand Child Abduction Act, will allow an aggrieved parent to file for the return of their child. However, the parent who is filing for their return must be able to prove that the child’s “habitual residence” is the country where the child is being requested back to. 
The Hague Treaty on Child Abdution is a treaty of international law that provides for uniform enforcement of child abduction laws between participating nations. Under the Act, petitions can be submitted to the Thailand Central Authority.
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

The EU Urges Thailand to have Democratic Elections in 2018

Pirkka Tapiola, EU Ambassador to Thailand has put pressure on the regime to stay on schedule with the already delayed elections to take place in November later this year. He released a statement encouraging “all stakeholders to respect the previously announced road map” of the elections and that the EU is ready to assist, if Thailand needs.

The statement was issued a day before the National Legislative Assembly will consider whether to pass the proposal of the panel vetting an organic bill on MP’s for delaying the enforcement of the bill, which in turn has delayed the elections to 2019. 

The Foreign Minister of Thailand, stated that the amendment of the bill is not up to the executive sector that includes Prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha but is dependent on the legislative sector.

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The EU ambassador responded to the statement saying that the EU is aware of the differences however, “both are essential … in a democracy”. He concludes that it is even more imperative that Thailand returns to democratic elections as soon as possible.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Smart Visa will Allow a 4 Year Entrance to Specialist Expatriate Workers

The smart visa will be divided among four main groups. The first being specialist workers in scientific fields who have a base salary of 200k baht. The second, similar but company executives with the same base rate and 10 years of experience. The third and forth groups will be individuals and companies wanting to invest in the target industries, the minimum will be 20 million baht.

Benefits of the smart visa are that it will provide a four year entrance into Thailand as opposed to the standard 90 day visa. Spouses and children of the successful applicant may also work in Thailand. Only a thousand of the visas will be distributed. The government adds that the smart visas will not disrupt the “local labor market”.

The targeted industries will belong to the First S-Curve and New-S Curve Industries. First S-Curve include smart electronics, automotive, medical/wellness tourism, agriculture and biotechnology and the New S-Curve categories will include medical centers, digital businesses, biochemicals, robotics and aviation

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Applications for the smart visa will commence on the first of February, 2018. The targeted industries will be Thai-based.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thai Actress Shows Boyfriend’s Genital’s on Social Media

Saipan Sakuljaroensuk has been summoned to court under the Technology Crime Suppression Division for allegedly accidentally live-streaming her boyfriend’s penis on Instagram. She may be charged with a three year jail sentence or a maximum fine of 60,000 baht.

Criminal convictions and other anti social behavior may be grounds for divorce according to Divorce Attorneys in Thailand.

The Instagram live-stream function includes the ability to share photos or videos for 24 hours in which they will disappear afterwards. Screenshots of Saipan’s Instagram live feed went viral before she was able to delete it. The actress issued an apology, saying that she didn’t realize her boyfriend was in the video and it was intended for another private account.

Her manager has commented on the situation that Saipan feels guilty over what had happened and will be careful with her “online actions from now on”. The charge involves uploading pornography onto a publicly accessible system. Saipan is most notably famous for her role in Same Same but Different, starring opposite David Kross in 2009 where she played a HIV-poistive Cambodian prostitute who falls in love with a German man.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thailand Rockstar Opens Fire at Temple

On Thursday evening, Sek Loso live streamed his visit to a temple where he prays to a couple of Buddha statues and then shoots his handgun into the sky and ground. Thai police then issued a warrant for his surrender on Saturday.

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By Sunday, with Loso still not complying with the surrender, Thai police raid his home where they are met with Loso locked in his bedroom live streaming the incident. Loso had taken his gun out and threatened police that if anyone came in, he would shoot.

Police were then commanded to break down the door and arrest Loso for opening fire in a residential area. They will also further investigate whether he has a permit for the firearm. He is currently being held in Police Bangkok headquarters.

In the Facebook live stream Loso is seen lighting incense, praying and then firing the gun.
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