Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dad Who Buys Thai Prostitute For Son is Punished in Australian Court

A father in Australia has been convicted under a new law after hiring a prostitute for his 13 year old son during a family holiday to Thailand reports The CourierMail.

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The court received evidence the man, his wife and their son traveled to Koh Samui for a friend's wedding in September 2012. After getting drunk at a bachelor party, the father arranged for a prostitute to take his son’s virginity. When the son returned to Australia, he told his mother about his sexual initiation in Thailand. The mother then reported her, now estranged, husband to the police.  

The father was sentenced to 12 month’s imprisonment but released on a $2000 two year good release bond. The Court heard how he was  also being treated for depression.  The wife has filed for divorce.

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