Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Judge Reprimands US Law Firm In Missing Malaysia Airplane Case

Reuters reports that an Illinois judge has dismissed a U.S. law firm's motion to acquire evidence of design and manufacturing defects from Boeing and Malaysian Airlines in connection with the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 three weeks ago.

Cook County Judge Kathy Flanagan threatened to impose sanctions against Ribbeck Law firm if they file future motions without a legal basis.

According to Joe Leeds, a US Attorney in Thailand , the decision of the Illinois Judge was likely based on lack of standing and lack of jurisdiction. “Before filing a motion to procure evidence, you must have standing before the Court. This means that there needs to be an official complaint filed and accepted by the Court before a litigant can file motions for evidence. For the Court to accept a complaint, the Plaintiff must establish that the Court is the appropriate jurisdiction or location where the complaint should logically filed.  Apparently, no court complaint has yet been filed, nor has the Illinois Court accepted jurisdiction in the case.” states Leeds 

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