Friday, October 10, 2014

Cambodia Combats Labor Violations, Protects Workers in Nightclubs and Nightlife Entertainment

Nightclub hostesses and other “adult entertainment workers” in Cambodia now have worker’s rights that are protected under labor laws after a new regulation was enacted on Wednesday, September 8, according to the Bangkok Post.

The regulation was passed in an effort to address labor-related violations that infringe on worker’s human rights, such as sexual harassment and excessive working hours, according to Cambodia’s labor and tourism ministries.

The U.N. released a statement that entertainment workers in Cambodia and throughout the region “face labor-related violations that infringe on their human rights,” and called the new regulation “ground-breaking,” reports the Bangkok Post.

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Thailand Labor Law Attorneys comment:

The update to Cambodia’s labor laws is interesting, because labor laws in Thailand typically extend worker’s rights to all laborers working in lawful industries. Therefore, workers in nightclubs would normally be protected under labor laws.

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