Thursday, October 2, 2014

London Gangs Capitalize on Legalized Same-Sex Marriages, Stage Fake Gay Weddings for Citizenship

At least one Romanian gang has found a way to exploit recently legalized same-sex marriages in England by arranging fake gay marriages for immigrants to apply for citizenship, according to BBC Inside Out.

BBC Inside Out exposed the immigration fraud after sending an undercover journalist acting as an immigrant illegally in the UK to meet with two gang leaders. In the BBC investigative segment, the men claimed to have experience successfully arranging many fake gay marriages to evade immigration officers.
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According to the BBC’s report, the practice of faking a marriage to obtain citizenship is not a new idea as it has previously been seen in cases with straight couples. Mark Rimmer, head of Registration and Nationality Services at Brent Council, said “up to 20 to 30% of [straight couple’s] marriages are actually for the avoidance of immigration control."

What is unique about the new boom in fake same-sex marriages for the same purposes is that registrar’s are not as familiar with the body language of same-sex couples to recognize fraud when they see it, according to Rimmer.

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