Friday, October 17, 2014

Top Judges Say Australia Needs to Investigate ‘Reckless’ Surrogacy Laws

Couples in Australia have been breaking surrogacy laws to start their families, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports that two judges are urging the government to conduct a national inquiry into surrogacy.

Chief Justice Diana Byrant and Chief Justice John Pascoe called for international surrogacy reform over various dangers in Australia’s lack of comprehensive surrogacy legislation.

Judge Byrant said, according to ABC, that it was “reckless” for Australians to be creating children without knowledge or proof of who the child’s mother is, and feared that this was potentially violating children’s human rights because “they do not know one half of their genetic material.”

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ABC reported that Judge Pascoe said he didn’t think it was right to ban commercial surrogacy in Australia but allow citizens to pursue it “in countries where it exposes women and children to potential serious human rights abuses.”

“We can't ignore the fact that the technology is there, they [Australian couples] need to be able to access it and they need to access it in ways that protect their rights and in ways that protect the right of the child that they get through these arrangements," Pascoe said.

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