Thursday, September 5, 2013

Red Bull Heir Arrest

A human rights lawyer and former senator has criticized legal authorities for acting dishonestly in the red bull hit-and-run case reports the Bangkok Post

The heir to the Red Bull energy drink fortune is facing an arrest warrant after failing to report to prosecutors on 6 separate occasions to hear indictments against him for a traffic incident in 2012 which killed a police officer.

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Mr Vorayudh is presently in Singapore, and his lawyers said he was too sick to attend Monday's hearing. However Mr Warin said Mr Vorayudh could go into hiding overseas and wait until the statute of limitations in the case expires in 15 years. He would then be free to return to Thailand. 

Prosecutors said on Monday they were intending send a letter to notify the police about their decision to issue an arrest warrant for Mr Vorayudh. Once the arrest warrant is out, the police may then be able to arrange to have him extradited to Thailand.

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