Friday, September 13, 2013

Public Opinion Same Sex Marriage in Thailand

As we discussed recently, Thailand has been hitting worldwide headlines thanks to speculation it will be the first Asian country to legalize same sex marriage.

When the story first broke, we sought the opinions of some Thai people, many of whom had not heard the rumours, but those who had were doubtful the that same sex marriage in Thailand would ever be legalized because predominantly it remained a very conservative society.

We were intrigued to follow up on this opinion, so we took to the streets of Bangkok and asked a mixture of Thais and foreigners their thoughts. Reactions were encouraging, with all saying same gay marriage should be legalized in Thailand. Nearly all of the foreigners explained they believed Thailand to be a very open society, and saw no problem with gay marriage becoming the law here. One Russian man we spoke too agreed that Thailand was still quiet a conservative society which could be an issue, and this was echoed by most of the Thai public that we spoke too. 

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