Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gay Marriage in Thailand

There has been much in the press the last few months reporting that gay marriage in Thailand is due to be legalized making it the first country in Asia to do so.

In fact just last week an article was published confirming that 4000 public signatures had been collected in support of its legalization. In Thailand, 10,000 public signatures are required to get a parliamentary reading of the draft bill.
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However it is important to appreciate that the petition has been ongoing since 2012, and still does not have half of the required signatures.

Although Thailand is a very accepting country not least with the large transgender community, most Thais are conservative at heart and proposals to allow same sex marriage in Thailand would be the ultimate test of their tolerance.

Indeed when we asked some the Thai general public, most hadn't heard about the proposal, and those who had said it was not being widely reported by the Thai media and didn't believe it would ever become a reality.

Whilst we are very much in favor of the draft bill, we feel it is important to present the reality of what is known in Thailand.

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