Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shocking Bilderberg Betrayal From The UK Government

Yesterday heralded the first official discussion of Bilderberg but it proved to be nothing more than it a travesty

The secrecy of the Bilderberg Group was unraveled during a Parliamentary debate in the House of Commons.

Labour MP, Michael Meacher asked Tory MP Ken Clarke, who had been an attendee at last week's meeting an urgent House of Commons question to make a statement on the Bilderberg Group. Stumbling in this way through an answer with attempts to use humor, Mr Clarke was forced to admit that  he had “forgotten” he was a trustee of the Bilderberg Group and that he had “forgotten” that the organization’s meetings were paid for by funds raised by the Bilderberg Association. The question was intended for  Chancellor George Osborne, but he was not available during yesterday's debate. 
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Mr Meacher explained to the Commons that he believed the group to be a powerful lobbying organisation and that attending ministers should reveal discussions and outcomes.

Thailand is of course renowned in the Western world  for allegations of corruption and government scandal and is forever mocked when new allegations arise. However, in our opinion this serious incident borders on being equally if not more outrageous. It follows recent allegations and charges for fraudulent expense claims, which even led to some British MPs being jailed for their part, and a jail sentence for disgraced MP, Chris Hulme for perverting the course of justice. 

It is surprising given the known list of important and influential interesting attending figures that no mainstream media outlet appears to find the meetings newsworthy to report on. It is shocking to suggest this 'private meeting' is not significant enough to warrant discussion in Parliament. This is an appalling betrayal of privilege, duty of care and trust from the UK government.

Watch the video here:

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