Friday, June 21, 2013

Registration And Operations Of NGOs in Thailand

Bangkok has been voted the world’s third most popular location for NGOs. 

This video by Chaninat & Leeds law firm discusses the registration and operation under Thailand NGO Law, particularly in relation to foreign NGOs. This video describes the most straightforward method of how foreign NGOs can register as a foundation. 

The fact Thailand shares it's borders with Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos and the location of the UN in Bangkok itself, make the city the perfect place to home an NGO. 

Thailand NGO Lawyer 

Chaninat and Leeds specializes in NGO cases in Thailand

International NGOs seeking to base themselves in Bangkok can do so without registering as a local entity, but they then often find this can create legal and financial issues during their day to day running.

Instead it is much preferable to set up a Foundation with the Thai Ministry of Interior. A minimum of 3 board members are required, one of whom must be a Thai national and a minimum charitable donation of 200,000 baht is required in the bank. Police clearance is also required for each board member form their home country.

Watch the video here:

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