Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muay Thai Legends Lodges Defamation Charges

Muay Thai legend Buakao Porpramuk lodged criminal defamation charges on Wednesday against Nopparat Poottharatanamanee, the ThaiFight's deputy managing director for what he describes as a slur on his reputation after Mr Pootharatanamanee referred to him as "an acrobatic act" rather than boxing, says The Bangkok Post.

Thailand defamation law  defines defamation as:  “to impute anything to another person to a third party in a manner likely to impair that person’s reputation or to expose such person to hatred or contempt.”  However in Thailand, defamation may be both a criminal offense and/or a civil offense contrary to many Western jurisdictions.

Buakao is claiming 10 million baht in damages.

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