Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thailand Bureaucracy Corruption: Land Office Tops the List in a New Survey

A recent survey shows that respondents gave the most bribes to land offices in Thailand making it the “most corrupt agency,” according to The Nation.

Faculty of Chulalongkorn University conducted the academic survey in January and February 2014, collecting results from 6,048 heads of Thai households.
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According to the survey, 7.2 percent of the survey respondents said “they were asked for a bribe by officials at land offices whenever contacted for a service,” reports The Nation. The total of bribes accepted by land offices amounted to 1.9 billion baht.

The Nation reports that an official from the Land Department, which oversees over 800 land offices that handle all land sales and purchases in Thailand, said the department is aware of “bad reputation” and is taking steps internally to prevent corruption.

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