Monday, August 5, 2013

The Bradley Manning Verdict: Whistleblowing Law

The Bradley Manning verdict was released last week. Although the sentencing hearing is still continuing, Manning was acquitted of the more serious charge of aiding the enemy, but was convicted of disobeying orders and releasing classified information and the actions of the US Government in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As the verdict was announced, the news was also released that Russia were prepared to offer temporary asylum to Edward Snowden, meaning he was now free to leave Moscow airport, where he has been staying the last few weeks. Snowden has been charged with leaking details about US surveillance programs.

Both men insist they released this information not to harm the US government, but because they believed the US public had a right to know. It seems the Espionage Act,  originally intended to protect the US from foreign spies, is now being used against so called whistle blowers.

Under Thailand law, whistle blowers should be offered the same protection as with other country's, however Thailand lawyers say they often have concerns that more reports are not made in Thailand because of cultural issues and fears of speaking against someone.

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