Thursday, August 8, 2013

Simon Cowell Named In New York Divorce

It will have been impossible to have missed the recent headlines that Simon Cowell has been named in divorce papers. New York divorce law is one of the few American states that still allows a for cause divorce with adultery being a commonly plead cause.

However, this week it has been revealed that adultery is also a criminal misdemeanor under New York criminal law, and if convicted an individual can face up to 3 months imprisonment. It is highly unlikely that Simon would however face prosecution.

In Thailand divorce law, for cause divorces are also permitted if one spouse does not agree to the divorce. There are many different grounds for divorce in Thailand  which can also be pleaded.   A contested divorce however requires a judgment from the Court. If the petitioning spouse is now living abroad, a Thailand lawyer can file a divorce claim on their behalf.  However, they must appear in person when the divorce claim is heard by the court.

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