Monday, March 9, 2015

Bangkok Criminal Court Attack: Two Arrested, ‘100 Bomb Attacks’ Planned

Image courtesy of Thai PBS
The Bangkok Criminal Court was attacked on Saturday night by two men “hired” to bomb the court in a plot to allegedly bomb 100 areas in the capital city, reports The Nation.

The suspects, Yuttana Yenpinyo and Mahahin Khunthong, were quickly apprehended after the grenade exploded on the car park, creating a hole in the floor, according to Thai PBS.

Khunthong was the only person injured in the crossfire, according to local news reports, as the two men fired at soldiers to get away before being captured. 
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During police interrogation, the suspects reportedly said they were part of a “red-shirt group” that mobilized on the social media app, Line, to organize at least 100 bomb attacks at targets including military armories, university campuses and Wat Or Noi temple, according to The Nation.

Security was increased Monday at the Criminal Court and other major public and government buildings in Bangkok.

Read the full story here and here.

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