Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thailand Surrogacy Scandal: Australian Father Served Sentence for Child Sex Convictions

According to, Australian officials were prompted to investigate baby Gammy’s Australian father after reports exposed his criminal history as a pedophile.

The man first made international headlines after being accused of abandoning his son Gammy, who was born with Down syndrome, in Thailand. Now, according to Firstpost, Australian authorities are purportedly working to ascertain if the man poses any threat to Gammy’s twin sister, who was taken back to Australia.
Chaninat and Leeds’ lawyers have proven knowledge of Thai child custody, and are committed to defending their client’s interests. 
Firstpost reported that the 56-year-old Australian man was sentenced in his twenties to three years in prison for molesting two girls under the age of 10, and faced charges of indecently dealing with a child again in 1997.

Read the full story here.

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