Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thailawforum’s Interview with Jake Needham

Thailawforum recently spoke with famed, Asia crime novelist, JakeNeedham, in a video this past week. The interview, which was conducted at the luxurious Bangkok JW Marriot, was filled with anecdotes, past memories, and comments regarding living in Asia as an expatriate.

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Needham, a former lawyer and screenwriter in Hollywood, gives insight into how he crafts his novels by paying attention to headlines in Asia. Having spent most of his time living in Asia, mostly Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, most of his novels, characters and setting are based in these locations. He recounts that people use to always ask him if his characters were based on real people because his descriptions are often so well done, but he shrugs it off as coincidental, “I make this stuff up,” he says referring to his popular Thailand based novel, King of Macao, which featured a familiar Thailand Prime Minister character that was ousted by a coup.

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