Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Protection Of Assets In a Divorce

Some couples choose the option of drafting a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage in order to safeguard their independent assets. On the other hand, those without a prenuptial agreement in place may face a struggle to entitlement of mutual assets at the time of divorce. Protecting yourself from financial harm and being financially independent are key factors that one should take into great consideration when going through a divorce situation.

If you have an instinct that the divorce will be a long drawn out battle, there are steps which you can take action before the formal process of a divorce. Generally, in a Thailand divorce situation, the assets that were acquired prior to the marriage will belong to the original spouse. In this video, managing partner Joe Leeds of Chaninat & Leeds Law Firm discusses in brief how different types of assets can potentially be harmed and provides an approach in safeguarding assets.  

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