Friday, October 25, 2013

Lampang Crash Victims Should Receive Compensation Next Week

The Nation has today announced that the victims from Wednesday nights bus accident in Lampang will receive five million baht (160,726 USD or 99,000 GBP as at October 2013 exchange rate) in compensation between them.

The money should be paid to those injured and the families of the deceased within a week. Chiang Mai Transport Office chief Chanchai Kilapaeng confirmed that the bus had undergone a maintenance check on September 30, which found that its systems, including brakes, were working as normal.

Thailand personal injury lawyer, Jiraporn Thongphong commented on hearing the news, "the injured passengers are very lucky that on this occasion, the bus company, Weerapan Tour and Travel Limited Partnership, had insured them which will cover any medical costs which can be very expensive in Thailand”

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