Monday, May 20, 2013

Thailand Business News reports that Thailand's  Department Ministry of Justice Corrections has pronounced that it will stop their custom of shackling inmates with iron chains and bars at Bang Kwang Central Prison. 

Chaninat and Leeds specializes in international criminal cases in Thailand
The century long practice of chaining inmates were used for those awaiting trial, or those  convicted with serious offences and sentenced to life imprisonment. Anyone sentenced to death was shackled until execution.

The heavy and incumbent leg irons could weigh anything from between 3kg to 15kg.

Under the pilot project, 563 out of 800 "well behaved" inmates at the prison have had the shackles removed from their ankles since January 2013.

Human rights groups have repeatedly condemned the practice and now Amnesty International Thailand has spoken out supporting the decision, happy that Thailand are starting to conform with international human rights practices. The group still think Thailand can do more and are calling on the government to end the death sentence.

For security reasons, inmates will still be shackled when appearing before courts.

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